15 Ways to Challenge Yourself Creatively

Good middle-of-the-day, peeps!

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With the imminent changing of the seasons, I’m ready to try something new in the creative department, and I’ve been running through my options. As usual, I got to thinking. Surely every creative person experiences that rut in which we find ourselves kind of bored with doing the same simple project over and over, or different projects similarly simple that don’t demand anything of us creatively. That’s when we need a challenge. A project of magnitude. (Just try not to hear Vector from Despicable Me while you read that.) Maybe not major magnitude, but something that gets us excited and eager to get going. To that end, check out these 15 ideas to get you started. Try one, try two, or scrap them all and try your own thing.

Just challenge yourself!


1. Design your own pattern collection for fabric or wallpaper

2. Pick 10 classic novels and design new covers for them

3. Illustrate 15 famous quotes (then post them on social media!)

4. Design a greeting card collection

5. Write a short poem every day for 30 days

6. Make a wall calendar for your work space

7. Learn a whole new skill  (refinishing furniture, decorating cookies, knitting cabled sweaters, etc.)

8. Paint 5 individual paintings that work together as a group

9. Film 10 craft tutorials for your blog or YouTube channel

10. Design and paint a mural on a wall in your house (if it doesn’t turn out, you can always paint it over. 🙂 )

11. Illustrate your favorite book

12. Try a project that’s the opposite of your usual style (if you do super-realistic artwork, try something abstract, or vice versa)

13. Design promotional posters for your favorite movies

14. Dream up and draw your own couture fashion line

15. Write your memoir


I hope your creative juices are flowing!

What project will you try this fall?

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Love your tips! I’m thinking about joining #50pieces challenge Richelle is doing. 🙂


I love the idea of illustrating quotes! What a fun project. 🙂

Carole Carlson

Each one of these will keep you busy for days! Great suggestions. I’m going to save this post for future reference.


I’ve gotten away from calligraphy and brush lettering since I’ve been busy with other things. Love the idea of illustrating quotes and posting them.