Get Creative with Your Creative Space

Tell me if this sounds like you: When you get the urge to create, you first figure out what materials you’re going to need for your project, then you scurry around your house trying to collect them all. Once you have most of them collected (you will inevitably be missing at least one thing), you arrange them all on the table or your desk, sit down – then remember where you last saw the thing

The Top 5 Must-Have Drawing Tools

Here’s the Situation: You are going to a deserted island. You can take with you only, A. the clothes you’re wearing, B. a package of chips, and C. five drawing tools and a sketchbook. Here’s the Question: What drawing tools will you take? (Actually, the real question is what kind of chips are you taking. Lay’s Original, I hope. It’s the only kind worth eating.) The good news is, you don’t have to decide alone. I’ve

I’m Finally Doing It

I was born late. By a couple of weeks. My due date was in April and I didn’t show up until the beginning of May –  and that’s my explanation for why I’m such a procrastinator. Anything can wait with me – even being born. Even these words here are a symbol of procrastination because I should’ve had them written a long time ago. I’ve been planning to start a blog for years, I’ve been planning