Craft Tutorial: Felt Halloween Scene

This right here, folks,┬áis my favorite kind of craft. Minimum output of effort resulting in maximum adorableness. That might make me sound lazy… but I tried a different type of Halloween project this year that took a whole lot of effort and it turned out… blah. I won’t go into details, but it involved a three-layer cake, chocolate spiderwebs that looked more like ship’s wheels, and about half an hour with my hands stuck to

3 Online Courses That Can Change Your Life

Next time CreativeLive has any questions about their ideal customer, they need to call me up, because I’m it. You’re probably already familiar with CreativeLive, but just in case you’re new to its wonders, here’s the quick rundown; this amazing site offers hundreds of courses on a variety of subjects ranging from nature photography and public speaking to hand lettering and graphic design. The cost of each course varies, but they’re typically between $30-$120. But