Christmas Craft Chronicles, 2016 Edition

So, I didn’t take any pictures of the mystery project. As per usual, I got too involved with just getting it done and I plain forgot to stop myself and take photos. But, pictures or no, I made my first Christmas wreath. The process went well, to a point. Collecting branches is no biggie, especially when you’ve got a brother whose favorite thing in the world is to march out in the snow and trim

Stay Tuned… for a Mystery DIY Project

At this very moment, somewhere in the United States, a package is on its way to my door, carrying the materials I need for a brand-new (as in, never-before-attempted by me) DIY project. It will be messy. It will involve glue and sharp pointy objects. It will be a total learning curve. It required a tramp out into the snowy woods yesterday. But other than that, no hints. It’s a mystery! You might want to follow