Christmas Craft Chronicles, 2016 Edition

So, I didn’t take any pictures of the mystery project. As per usual, I got too involved with just getting it done and I plain forgot to stop myself and take photos. But, pictures or no, I made my first Christmas wreath. The process went well, to a point. Collecting branches is no biggie, especially when you’ve got a brother whose favorite thing in the world is to march out in the snow and trim

Stay Tuned… for a Mystery DIY Project

At this very moment, somewhere in the United States, a package is on its way to my door, carrying the materials I need for a brand-new (as in, never-before-attempted by me) DIY project. It will be messy. It will involve glue and sharp pointy objects. It will be a total learning curve. It required a tramp out into the snowy woods yesterday. But other than that, no hints. It’s a mystery! You might want to follow

My Top 3 Favorite Christmas Movies

Happy Holidays!!! I really should say “Merry Christmas”–we put up our Christmas tree yesterday, I’m listening to Kristen Chenoweth’s “A Lovely Way to Spend Christmas” album, and I’ve been watching Hallmark movies with my mom and my sisters for a month. But really, we’re only in ‘the holidays’ right now, and I won’t consider it truly “Merry Christmas” time until we’re through November. But since we’re on the subject, I think now is a more-than-appropriate

Craft Tutorial: Felt Halloween Scene

This right here, folks, is my favorite kind of craft. Minimum output of effort resulting in maximum adorableness. That might make me sound lazy… but I tried a different type of Halloween project this year that took a whole lot of effort and it turned out… blah. I won’t go into details, but it involved a three-layer cake, chocolate spiderwebs that looked more like ship’s wheels, and about half an hour with my hands stuck to

3 Online Courses That Can Change Your Life

Next time CreativeLive has any questions about their ideal customer, they need to call me up, because I’m it. You’re probably already familiar with CreativeLive, but just in case you’re new to its wonders, here’s the quick rundown; this amazing site offers hundreds of courses on a variety of subjects ranging from nature photography and public speaking to hand lettering and graphic design. The cost of each course varies, but they’re typically between $30-$120. But

A Hello, Dolly! Appreciation Post

Anyone who knows me well will tell you: one of my all-time favorite movies is Hello, Dolly!, starring Barbra Streisand, Walter Matthau, and Michael Crawford. (My other favorite movies may have to be discussed at a later date… otherwise this post will become abominably long and you will immediately unsubscribe from my email list in retaliation for subjecting you to so many spins of your scroll wheel.) In honor of this brilliant piece of cinematic

15 Ways to Challenge Yourself Creatively

Good middle-of-the-day, peeps! (I almost said good-morning, then realized it’s almost noon… but not quite afternoon yet… therefore…) With the imminent changing of the seasons, I’m ready to try something new in the creative department, and I’ve been running through my options. As usual, I got to thinking. Surely every creative person experiences that rut in which we find ourselves kind of bored with doing the same simple project over and over, or different projects similarly simple that

Get Creative with Your Creative Space

Tell me if this sounds like you: When you get the urge to create, you first figure out what materials you’re going to need for your project, then you scurry around your house trying to collect them all. Once you have most of them collected (you will inevitably be missing at least one thing), you arrange them all on the table or your desk, sit down – then remember where you last saw the thing

The Top 5 Must-Have Drawing Tools

Here’s the Situation: You are going to a deserted island. You can take with you only, A. the clothes you’re wearing, B. a package of chips, and C. five drawing tools and a sketchbook. Here’s the Question: What drawing tools will you take? (Actually, the real question is what kind of chips are you taking. Lay’s Original, I hope. It’s the only kind worth eating.) The good news is, you don’t have to decide alone. I’ve

I’m Finally Doing It

I was born late. By a couple of weeks. My due date was in April and I didn’t show up until the beginning of May –  and that’s my explanation for why I’m such a procrastinator. Anything can wait with me – even being born. Even these words here are a symbol of procrastination because I should’ve had them written a long time ago. I’ve been planning to start a blog for years, I’ve been planning