15 Ways to Challenge Yourself Creatively

Good middle-of-the-day, peeps! (I almost said good-morning, then realized it’s almost noon… but not quite afternoon yet… therefore…) With the imminent changing of the seasons, I’m ready to try something new in the creative department, and I’ve been running through my options. As usual, I got to thinking. Surely every creative person experiences that rut in which we find ourselves kind of bored with doing the same simple project over and over, or different projects similarly simple that

Get Creative with Your Creative Space

Tell me if this sounds like you: When you get the urge to create, you first figure out what materials you’re going to need for your project, then you scurry around your house trying to collect them all. Once you have most of them collected (you will inevitably be missing at least one thing), you arrange them all on the table or your desk, sit down – then remember where you last saw the thing