Christmas Craft Chronicles, 2016 Edition

So, I didn’t take any pictures of the mystery project.

As per usual, I got too involved with just getting it done and I plain forgot to stop myself and take photos.

But, pictures or no, I made my first Christmas wreath.

The process went well, to a point. Collecting branches is no biggie, especially when you’ve got a brother whose favorite thing in the world is to march out in the snow and trim pine branches for his sister. (He’s nice that way!) We ended up with 3 varieties and a very sweet-smelling garage. When the rest of my materials showed up via postal service, I went to work.

I got a 12-inch frame, which actually makes a wreath much larger than 12 inches. I also bought some florist’s wire and florist’s tape, too (which is not altogether different from vet wrap–if you don’t know what vet wrap is, ask one of your friends who likes/knows/has horses). And I paid 10 bucks for 100 feet of red ribbon, which is another way of saying I should’ve paid more for an actual quality product. đŸ˜‰

With all these supplies on hand, I felt reasonably confident in my ability to create a show-stoppingly gorgeous Christmas wreath. Twenty minutes in, I was no longer even reasonably confident. Do you know how hard it is to take a bunch of flimsy branches and fasten them to a metal hoop with flimsy wire? Actually, let me take that back. The fastening is easy. It’s making the thing look good that’s the problem! I got one round of branches on and when I stopped to evaluate, all I could see was gaps and wire and gaps and wire and gaps. And branches sticking out in bad directions.

With the threat of being labelled a Pinterest failure breathing down my neck, I did what any courageous crafter would do–I threw that wreath aside and started a new one. With about forty-five minutes of experience under my belt now, I whipped out another round of branches, and this time it looked slightly better.

A couple of days later, I returned to the project with renewed vigor. Actually, I returned with the notion of just trying to finish something, anything, even if I never dared show it to another living soul. By the end of that second session, I had a wreath. And it was, actually, presentable. But before I could be done, I had the bow to deal with.

Here’s where that ribbon comes into the story. It’s 100 yards of poly-paper-garbage an inch and a half wide, and about as easy to manipulate into a beautiful bow as greased bubble wrap. After a while of frustrated fiddling, I figured out that the stuff could be curled like regular gift-wrapping ribbon, and that helped with the streamers at least. The bow was more of a pain than the wreath, and it took me several tries before I figured out what to do.

Now, with the whole process said and done, I will say this: I’m glad I pushed ahead and finished, but I definitely won’t be making another one this  year.

Sorry for the complete lack of pictures, but… that’s the way the ribbon curls, girls!

Merry Christmas from the crafting studio of This Life More Sweet!

P.S. Next year, I’m tackling homemade Christmas stockings.

P.P.S. Maybe??

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