Craft Tutorial: Felt Halloween Scene

This right here, folks, is my favorite kind of craft. Minimum output of effort resulting in maximum adorableness.

That might make me sound lazy… but I tried a different type of Halloween project this year that took a whole lot of effort and it turned out… blah. I won’t go into details, but it involved a three-layer cake, chocolate spiderwebs that looked more like ship’s wheels, and about half an hour with my hands stuck to a wad of what was supposed to be marshmallow fondant. I would have called for help, but I couldn’t pick up the phone.

So, in conclusion, I DID try an ambitious project, and it failed miserably, and so here I am in my comfort zone with needles and thread and felt. Nothing can go wrong with this (she said hopefully) and there are definitely no marshmallows involved.


You’ll Need:

These printable templates: pumpkin-cutouts

5 sheets of felt: orange, black, yellow, white, brown.

5 spools of thread: orange, black, yellow, white, brown.

Green 3D paint

Embroidery needle



You will note I have green felt and thread in this photo as well, because at the time the photo was taken, I hadn’t decided how to make the vines. The 3D paint won out in the end, but the green felt remains…

Halloween Craft

A few notes on cutting the templates… there’s probably an easier way to do it than this, but I started by cutting the pumpkin templates out in entirety, then cutting the stems from them, so if you do it this way you’ll end up with pumpkin templates that have little notches cut out of the tops. Ignore the notches when cutting the pumpkins out of the felt, so you don’t end up with weird edges around the stems. Does that make any sense? No?

Halloween Craft

Maybe this photo explains it better. See? Ignore the notch!

So, once you have all the pieces cut out, return to your pumpkin templates and cut off the outermost sections, leaving just the three front sections. Cut these new, smaller shapes out of felt. Then cut your templates again until all you have left is the very middle sections. Cut these pieces out of felt. By the time you feel sick of cutting up bits of orange felt, you’ll be done!

Halloween Craft

I found it helpful at this point to arrange all the pieces on the black felt (my piece is about 9″ x 6.5″) so I could see exactly where everything was going to end up. I thought about tucking the smaller pumpkin behind or in front of the larger one, but I liked them better separated, and they were easier to sew on that way, too. If you want, you can change up the arrangement of the pieces, or you could cut out more small pumpkins if you want, but I stuck with the bare minimum. I’m impatient.

(Hopefully by this picture you can also see exactly what I meant about the pumpkin sections. See, there’s a method to my madness!)

Halloween Craft

The sewing is undoubtedly the most time-consuming part of this, but that said, it really shouldn’t take that long at all. The ghost has to go down first so the large pumpkin can be sewn over him, and I actually sewed his eyes in place first of all – all it takes are two stitches to anchor the eyes down. I don’t know why I did it that way. I have no reasons. (Maybe there’s not so much method to my madness after all.)

I also sewed the middle section of each pumpkin down first to anchor all three pieces (and the stems) in place while I worked on them.

Halloween Craft

Once you have everything successfully sewn, no matter what order you do it in, it’s time for the 3D paint. I actually don’t know how old this bottle is. I get a lot of random art supplies from garage sales, and I think it’s safe to say these bottles may have been around since about 2004. But they seem to be bottomless and they work really well as fabric glue, too. Don’t ask me how I know this.

Just pipe the vines in any fashion you like – make dozens of them or only a few, add leaves or keep them leafless.

Halloween Craft

Here’s the finished product! You can pin it to your bulletin board or frame it, or just keep it on your desk during the Halloween season. Enjoy!


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That is so cute!I think it could work great as a postcard too, for someone special!