Stay Tuned… for a Mystery DIY Project

At this very moment, somewhere in the United States, a package is on its way to my door, carrying the materials I need for a brand-new (as in, never-before-attempted by me) DIY project. It will be messy. It will involve glue and sharp pointy objects. It will be a total learning curve. It required a tramp out into the snowy woods yesterday. But other than that, no hints. It’s a mystery!

You might want to follow this process, ’cause it could get very entertaining (to people other than me, that is.) My only hope is that it doesn’t turn into one of those Pinterest fails–you know. Where a picture of somebody’s excessively well-executed craft is shown next to somebody else’s hysterically pathetic attempt. Yeah. I know which side I’m more likely to end up on.

But I do have confidence in this project. I always do, before I start. It’s only after things start breaking/melting/shredding/popping seams/disintegrating before my very eyes that I start to become discouraged and throw everything in the trash. But, despite the possible consequences, I will be chronicling this journey in photos for the sake of posterity.

So keep your eyes on this site. Day 1 of Mystery DIY Adventures commences this weekend. Whether or not I will be brave enough to share the photos remains to be seen…

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